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We believe each individual’s needs are just that – individual.
Whether the job is large or small, the quality, attention to detail and focus on your needs are our priorities.

Sandy Higdon, Tallahassee Realtor

Sandy Garber with Age & Accessibility Home Solutions has totally renovated my house and recently installed a lift that made it easier for me to get to the second floor of my home.  I can now stay here for the rest of my life.  If you are looking for quality work and someone you can trust, you should contact Sandy.

Suzanne Hood, Retired Judge

I was involved in an automobile accident in 2015 and after being in the hospital and in rehab, I came home to my two-story townhouse.  I was in a body brace, having broken my back in three places, and my greatest challenge was going up the stairs because I only had a handrail on one side.  I needed two handrails to be able to balance and hold on with both hands.

My neighbor told me about the good work Sandy Garber did for her, so I contacted Age & Accessibility.  Sandy was able to perfectly match the existing handrail and the angles and height perfectly.  It was a small job for her, but a really important one for me in terms of being able to safely access the second floor.

I would highly recommend Sandy because she has excellent people working for her, she ensures the job is done right, and she is great at estimating the cost and sticking to it.